Our Range of Products
Original Range

Itís A World Of Secrets....
Uncovering all natural traditional beauty secrets from the 4 corners of the earth, we have carefully selected the best ingredients from each region for extracts which beautify hair and skin. Delight mind, body and spirit in our range of hair, body and spirit in our range of personal care products. Whether you seek strong lustrous hair or smooth radiant skin, youíll find the answer in our extensive range of products. After all, there is a secret to everything.

Botanical Range

Journey Deeper Into Natureís Wonder With Our New Botanical Range
At Secret Garden, our products are carefully formulated with selected plants which have natural extracts rich in active properties such as ginger, raspberry, sage, honeysuckle, mangosteen and evening primrose.

Now with Secret Gardenís new botanical range, comprising of Fragrance, Talcum, Body lotions and Hand wash, you can enjoy the benefits of smoother and fairer skin, a more shapely body and a sensuous feeling.

Secret Garden has whatever it takes to leave you beautiful, contented and more confident.